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What happens when a Meth Lab blows up in your condo?

I'm sure by now you've heard about the explosion that occurred at 85 East Liberty Street in Liberty Village. Early reports claimed it was caused by a faulty propane tank but now we have confirmation from various news sources that it was indeed a Meth Lab that caused the explosion that blew out an entire wall of a condo unit and damaged one of the elevators.The big question now is. What happens to all the other condos in the building?Read the full post

The Lofts @ iZone

Leslieville Lofts with HUGE Terraces coming soon to Carlaw Ave.

By now some of the Leslieville community has heard of the remaining developer inventory sell off at iZone lofts on Carlaw. Hans Jain and his brother are hoping to create 9 stunning loft conversions in their existing iZone project at 326 Carlaw. I was lucky enough to be the first one through the raw spaces yesterday. These will certainly be the most unique lofts in the area if the Jains can deliver on their proposal. Even if these units look somewhat close to these renderings we'll be impressed.Read the full post

Wanderlust Poster

Leslieville Wanderlust’s Foodie Tour is Announced!

Eat your way through Leslieville this from 2-4pm this November 23rd! See below for details and tickets. It's no secret that Leslieville's Queen East (and some mentionables on Carlaw and Gerrard) have become a bit of a foodie destination. We've got down and dirty but amazing food at places like Jim's or uber high end dining experiences at places like Glas Wine Bar. Well, the Leslieville Foodie Tour as part of this years Wanderlust is going to take you on a guided tour of at least 6 of these joints where you will get to meet and greet with the restaurateurs that are innovating and helping our amazing neighbourhood boom into the future.Read the full post


Spring Realty Raises $10K for the Red Door Shelter!

We raised $10,000, gave away a trip to Costa Rica, and put on the best show the East Side has ever seen. I'd say that was a giant successRead the full post

commission blog

What kind of consumer are you?

Would you rather spend $3000 or $15000 to sell you commission bloghome? When a question is phrased this way the obvious answer is the former. Right? We're not here to bad mouth alternative business models that exist in the Real Estate space. In fact we're happy that the Real Estate space is being "disrupted" by fresh new brokerages with different business models. This needs to happen to service the different types of consumer that exist in our marketplace. We've been studying our market over the past three years and have identified 3 common consumer types.Read the full post

Featured Building
200 Clinton St., Toronto, ON

Welcome to 200 Clinton St a.k.a The Clinton Lofts! Located in a booming part of Toronto called Little Italy offering just 13 unique lofts this is truly a coveted development. As soon as a unit hits the market it is scooped up. You need a good broker on your side to get you one of these gems. We are on top of this development every minute of every day! The developers have done a great job in preserving the original charm of this warehouse. Original wood beams and 100yr old brick grace every loft. Some with double high 20' ceilings and huge windows make these great lofts even better! Please email or phone today for information on available units and floorplans for these amazing townhouse style hard lofts.