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The Spring Realty Home Finder taps into the MLS server to bring you updated listing information multiple times per day! Once you're logged in (a TREB rule - it's easy we promise) you will be able to search for listings before they're on the public MLS and access information like days on market. With spring we make it easy to research neighbourhoods, schools, and transit too. Don't forget to tell your friends.
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commission blog

What kind of consumer are you?

Would you rather spend $3000 or $15000 to sell you commission bloghome? When a question is phrased this way the obvious answer is the former. Right? We're not here to bad mouth alternative business models that exist in the Real Estate space. In fact we're happy that the Real Estate space is being "disrupted" by fresh new brokerages with different business models. This needs to happen to service the different types of consumer that exist in our marketplace. We've been studying our market over the past three years and have identified 3 common consumer types.Read the full post

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[Before & After] Your wallpaper is ugly.

We're usually not as blunt as the title of this post but that's because we know how to not be dicks during listing presentations. I mean, we do the work for you and pay for it anyway so the only thing you need to do is allow access...simple right? So why do so many homeowners resist our design suggestions?Read the full post


[Breaking] New dive bar in Leslieville: Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks, Leslieville's newest dive bar to open up on Queen East The new tenant at the old Swirl Wine Bar spot is finally ready to announce his new endeavor. Don't worry folks, this isn't another 20141009_170644_resizedItalian restaurant or one more Irish Pub. It's a down and dirty rock and roll bar that we can't wait to frequent. It's a place that you can show up at 1am and drink your face off. It's a place where you're likley going to find your favourite bartender out for a drink. An industry bar if you will.Read the full post

flippers blog

Hey house flippers: Get more creative, or else!

We've just about had enough with the generic bullshit that wanna-be house flippers are slapping together these days. Seems as though this hot Seller's market has tickled the lazy bone in investors. Guess what: Buyers see right through you and aren't making offers on your crappy renovations! Home Buyers have been through a lot in the past decade. Well, we've reached a tipping point and Buyers have become more educated. Not only are they making stronger buying decisions, they've started to realize they may have a bit more power than previously thought. Read the full post

no littering creative

Traditional Signage is Dead

The Five Man Electrical Band hit the nail on the head with their song: Signs. Released back in 1971 and still loved today. One of my favourite songs and perhaps the reason why I've never really appreciated the traditional sign. I feel like if you don't want me to do something you've got to make a stronger statement than simply posting a boring, badly designed, poorly executed sign.Read the full post

Featured Building
71 Charles St E., Toronto, ON

Welcome to Paxton Place - 71 Church St. Located at Yonge and Bloor is filled with a fine selection of 1100 -1500sqft two bedroom suites. Most have been tastefully renovated and updated while others could use some TLC. Its close proximity to everything Toronto has to offer makes this a great buy! With reasonable prices this unit is ideal for the retired downsizer right through to the young family in need of an urban home. We don't often see units for sale here so when one comes up speed is most important. To keep up to date with current availability at 71 Church St or for floor plans please contact us today!