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Toronto Real Estate no BS Market Snap for Jan 2014

Well well well, looks like the 416 is still riding high!

Thought I'd deface our CRA tax assessment form to give you this month's Toronto Real Estate market report. You'll...

Best Mortgage Rates August 8 2012: Bye bye sub 3%?

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It’s a quiet week for economic news, coming off a long weekend.  The unemployment report is out on Friday, but that’s the only real noteworthy item this week.

A Condo is a Home too!

Who’s the Real Jerk? Judge’s Surprise Ruling

Sell First or Buy First? That is the Question.

It is important to evaluate the market conditions in your specific area in order to come up with the best strategy when buying and selling real estate.

Buy First then...

42 Allen Ave – Riverside/Leslieville Flip Potential

In a hot housing market it's been difficult to find ideal candidates with a solid return on investment (ROI) in flips recently. Investors (contractors, renovators) are competing with...

Zen Homes to build Lofts in the Beach and Leslieville