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Slick Loft With Killer Terrace

1 Bed + Den – 2 Bath – 1000f² – Parking


The Toy Factory Lofts in Liberty Village are one of the strongest (if not THE strongest) condo corporations in Toronto. Lofts here sell quickly and this one delivers a rare 300f² terrace making it even more desirable. Super low maintenance fees of just under $430/mth for a thousand square foot condo is almost unheard of in Toronto but this speaks to the strength of the condo management team.

The unit itself is fully upgraded from the basic builder finishes but you may want to work your own magic on the space.

Have a look at the photos below and message us here or on the live chat below for your private viewing.

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DeGrassi Street Victorian

2 Bed – 1 Bath – Semi


Everyone wants to live on DeGrassi St right? The small 12.5 x 73′ lot combined with only street parking push the value of this property down making it one of the more affordable freehold options in the Leslieville area. Currently tenanted and we’re not sure if they’re going to stay or leave but this could make a perfect little investment property to add to your portfolio.

Have a look at the photos below and message us here or on the live chat below for your private viewing.

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King West Townhouse

2 Bed – 3 Bath – Parking – Live/Work


The Thompson is, and has been since the beginning, one of the premier addresses of King West. This building has some of the finest apartments in the area and this fully upgraded townhouse doesn’t disappoint. Zoned for live/work you can operate your business from here (think services: financial. legal, accounting etc..) and have the place pay for itself. The 1500 f² space could be your forever home without compromising quality of life.

Have a look at the photos below and message us here or on the live chat below for your private viewing.

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The Pocket Development Site

Build Two Houses On One Lot


Our client has done all the legwork for you here. All plans and approvals are in place so all you and your team need to do is put some shovels in the ground and build. If you’re planning on building the cookie cutter “home depot” special…please don’t. You’re not eligible for this purchase. This deserves something much more awesome. You’ll be able to sell one of these home for $1.3mm and the other for $1.05mm which should net you a handsome profit once all the dust has settled. Not for your rookie builder but this one will get you into the big leagues.

Have a look at the photos below and message us here or on the live chat below for your private viewing.

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The Gem Of Riverdale

4 Bed – 3 Bath – Parking


You won’t find a home as sexy as this one right now. A good sized 19 x 120′ lot with two car parking in one of the best school districts in Toronto make this the home you never need to move out of. Ideal for the move-up buyer with a growing family BUT this also works for the hard working professional who enjoys a good time.

Have a look at the photos below and message us here or on the live chat below for your private viewing.

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5 Things I Learned Selling My House


It’s been 3 years since my last personal sale and for some reason this one was the toughest. I guess the further up the property ladder you climb each step get’s tougher and tougher. Tougher to let go of the amazing place you have and even tougher to find that next step up. Sometimes taking a few steps down and resetting is the right thing to do.

1. The Winter Market Is On Fire

This Winter Market is more intense than last Spring. There’s nothing out there for Buyers so if your home is presentable and liveable, it will get offers. I sold in 3 days with 3 offers when I expected to be on the market for much longer. Both my house and this loft sold in record time. I guarantee it would have taken longer and sold for less in a few months when more comparable properties are on the market.

2. Staging & De-Cluttering Is Hard Work

I had a lot more “stuff” than I thought. I tried to re-arrange and redistribute the clutter but it just didn’t look right. I finally did what I tell all of my Seller clients to do and removed 75% of my clutter and stored it and by stored it I mean, tossed it in the trash or donated it. Turns out Selling is a great time to purge that stuff you don’t use…like ever. Luckily my place was decorated nicely thanks to my talented girlfriend so I didn’t need a ton of staging but we won’t list unless fully staged and looking sharp. It’s essential!

3. The Pressure Is Real

Seller clients: I’M SORRY! I had no idea the pressure I put on you was so intense. Although I do all the actual moving, staging, storing and selling YOU have to put up with me all up in your life asking you to leave all the time to accommodate showings. Turns out keeping a place super clean all of time is a giant pain in the butt!

4. It’s Emotional

I will no longer be so direct when I’m helping Sellers come to terms with offers and the selling process. Sure, when you’re emotional it’s difficult to make strong financial decisions and the goal is to remove all emotion from the decision making process eventually. It’s not easy to let go of your home and it IS emotional. I had forgotten that.

5. Seller’s Remorse Is A Thing

No matter how much money you net from the sale the next day when you wake up in a home that’s no longer yours it’s a big deal. Perhaps some people are able to emotionally detach better than I can. The next day I went all around my house and noticed the thinks I absolutely love about the place and wondered if I’d find that in my next home. Sometimes the answer is yes, and sometimes no but at the end I sold because I wanted to move on and I realize that this is just part of the process. It’s tough but when it’s all said and done my bank account will be happy and a new adventure will begin. Exciting!

Wherever you happen to be on the Real Estate battlefield, you can rest assured that we get it, we get it even more now than ever before. Get in touch if you have any questions or comments about your place. We’d love to surprise you with what it’s worth.

Happy Hump Day!

MINE! Stunning West Downtown Renovation.

Now That’s a Renovation!

We didn’t want to distract you from this beaut so not including any other except for this one. Enjoy!

3 + 1 Bed – 5 Bath – 2063f² – Parking


This wins the: Best Of 2016 award so far. Oh man what an incredible renovation. Completed in 2013 and tenanted ever since. Now vacant and beautifully staged (photos are of Tenants things..looks a ton better now). Obviously not light on the pocketbook. The market is lacking in quality product (as usual in the Winter) so we may see a bidding war on this but it’s priced aggressively as is so we don’t see the price being driven up on this.

Have a look at the photos below and message us here or on the live chat below for your private viewing.

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[Weekly Want]: New Home In Leslieville, Dreamy Church Loft, Toy Factory Party Pad

Morse St – Leslieville Custom Home

3+1 Beds – 5 Bath – 14 x 129′ lot – Parking


So many rookie developers screwing up perfectly good houses it’s amazing to see this pro deliver such a top shelf product. Although only a 14′ we have 129′ of depth to work with here. This allowed the builder to jut out some great out door space in the back while maintaining a great back yard area where you’ll also find 2 large parking spaces. South of Eastern Ave was never a place Buyers wanted to be but it’s 2015 and people have come around. This little block of Morse is a one way so traffic is limited and since 2014 we’ve had 3 homes sell for over a million dollars here. Could Morse St be the Forest Hill of Leslieville? We’re pretty sure Brooklyn Ave has that title….for now anyway. Have a look at the photos below and message us here or on the live chat below for your private viewing.

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Sunnyside Ave – Beauty Church Conversion

2+1 Bed – 2 Bath – 2 Parking – $775/mth Condo Fee


This is one of our favourite church conversions in Toronto and this space is one of the reasons why. Other than location the uniqueness of a home is what can protect its value. This converted loft is BIG at over 2000 f² and is in a great family neighbourhood. This space is so versatile that it can work for both a family or a hot shot professional who wants a killer bachelor (ette) pad. Loads of original wood throughout the entire space and the original stained glass is still in great condition. Give this place a custom coat of paint and it’ll shine like the gem it is. Have a look at the photos below and message us here or on the live chat below for your private viewing.

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Toy Factory Lofts – Liberty Village Party Pad

1+1 Bed – 2 Baths – 1200f² – Parking

$669,900 $380/mth Condo Fee

The Toy Factory Lofts in Liberty Village have one of the strongest management teams and have managed to reduce condo fees by 30% resulting in Toronto’s lowest condo fees for a building this age. Values here are way up so no deals for you but we also have a collection of the most unique spaces here. This one has likely been enjoyed over the years by many many party animals and club types as it looks like a club we’ve all waited in line for in our younger days, amiright? Have a look at the photos below and message us here or on the live chat below for your private viewing.

Oh and just in case this unique space isn’t up your alley or you have a smaller; budget, Liberty Village has 81 condos currently for sale all under $400K. So if a deal’s what you’re looking for, that’s the market to go after. View them all here.

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So there you have it. Leslieville, Liberty Village, Roncesvalles knock it out of the park this week!

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Urban Land Institute of Toronto’s #CityResolve Campaign

Watch this:

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Offer dates are merely a suggestion

If you’re a Buyer in the Toronto Real Estate market, especially in Leslieville, Riverdale, Roncesvalles, Junction, and many other Toronto neighbourhoods I’m sure you’re familiar with this phrase:

Offers will be accepted on XXX Date at XXX Time. Please bend over and take it as we’re hoping to get as much for this house as possible.

Want to know how some of our clients have bought this year? By completely ignoring the ‘instructions’ of the Seller and their agent and sending in a Bully Offer the moment you decide you’ve found the right home for you. Their offer date is merely a suggestion and any signed offer MUST be presented to the Seller. It’s the law.

Soooo, what I’m trying to say is that the rules have changed in this market. You need a Sales Rep or Broker who’s aggressive enough to get you the keys to your dream home. That’s what we do. Also, don’t confuse any of this with the notion that we just throw money at a Seller willy nilly. Every price we come up with has been thoroughly researched and ensured to be in line with market value and current market conditions.

Make sure you read my thoughts on paying over asking in this post. It’s really not a big deal. Paying over market, well that’s a different story.

Mortgage Minute for April 19 2012

The Bank of Canada announced on Tuesday that they were maintaining interest rates. They
also noted that prospects are brighter for the future, with Europe expected to pull out of its recession
later this year and the United States recovering better than expected. The Canadian economy
is also doing well and more recent projections are calling for an increase to GDP projections.

The Canadian economy is pulling ahead due to lower borrowing costs that are fuelling household
spending and business investment. Exports are still weak and higher oil prices are not providing the
expected benefits, according to the government’s Monetary Policy Report.

Inflation is expected to firm up, but stay within the government’s target range.

The government is still saying that household debt is still the number one threat to the Canadian
economy. There is increased concern over the use of home equity lines of credit and the
ATM effect on household net worth. As homes increase in value, homeowners are quick to spend the
appreciation they have experienced. Eventually, as the economy starts to soften, there is concern that
debt levels will be too much and payments too high as rates inevitably increase. This has prompted calls
for tighter rules around this form of lending.

The net effect of all this was no change to rates, but some analysts are looking for an increase in prime
before the end of the year, most likely in Q4. Once that happens, any benefit that could have been
achieved with today’s variable rates is basically eliminated. All the more reason to go with something
more secure like the 3, 4, or 5 year rates that are being offered today.

For those of you looking for more peace of mind, the 10 year rate 3.89% offers a great rate for an
extended period of time. I’m not usually an advocate of 10 year rates, but for those who are really risk
averse, this is not a bad option, not bad at all by historical standards.

Todays Top Rates

Fixed – 1 year
Fixed – 3 year
Fixed – 5 year


Lee Welbanks is a Mortgage Broker with The Mortgage Centre and trusted Spring Realty mortgage expert. To learn more about your funding options please Contact Lee today. Lee will be posting these informative “Market Minutes” each Wednesday for you to enjoy. Please remember to subscribe to the Spring Realty Insider list to receive new blog post notifications, featured properties and insider access to Toronto’s hottest new developments.

Monthly Resale Figures – March 2012


The month of March 2012 levelled off after seeing sharp month over month increases in average resale home prices across property types.  Prices remain up sharply on year over year resale in the ‘416’ with TREB reporting a 10% increase in detached homes, 9% in Semi-Detached, and 8% for Condos.

There are a few market forces at play here:

  • There has been a lot of discussion about changing mortgage qualification rules including higher down payments and shorter amortization periods.  Lenders  and policy makers  are currently trying to determine what (if any) intervention may take place.
  • CMHC has indicated it has essentially hit its 600-billion limit for insuring mortgages and would be rationing bulk insurance offered to lenders.
  • 30% more homes traded hands in March over February lessening the potential for high priced homes across property types skewing the averages.

Many analysts have been raising concern over a real estate bubble for some time now.  Price stability is important for the real estate market – no one wants to face a scenario where their mortgage exceeds their home’s market value.  When deflation occurs new entrants (like first time home buyers) will have no economic incentive to enter the market which drastically alters the demand / supply ratio and can lead to a ‘bubble burst’.  When the bottom dropped out of the US market our local market faced a period where home prices went fairly flat and inventories increased however there were no sharp price decreases as sellers were able to wait it out.  Canadian lenders have been far more responsible than our neighbours to the south and a such we expect further levelling out of the market over the medium term without sharp price decreases.


Box House on Coxwell for sale

February 6th Update:

Sale price has finally been reported! Contact us for details. You won’t believe how much over asking it sold for. WOW!

January 22nd Update:

After an intense multiple offer situation with 6 registered offers on Sunday January 22nd the Box House on Coxwell is now SOLD! (well conditional until Friday). After the dust settled the Seller (Rohan Walters) agreed to accept, get this, not the highest bid but the one that would have been the best fit for his unique property. The Purchasers are a young couple with a child (yes it’s possible to raise a child in less than a 3000sqft suburban home BTW). One, an interior designer and the other an architect have big plans for this large lot. They plan on adding a second “Pod” at the rear and connecting it with an enclosed walkway.

We cannot disclose the selling price until the conditional period is met but we can tell you that the likely selling price was at or above the $400K mark. A bargain if you ask me.

One of the main reasons the Seller chose their bid over the “significantly higher offer” is that they would honour the original design and maintain the character of the unique home. Proof that money, doesn’t always talk.

We look forward to seeing this unique urban home transform in to the new owners’ dream home. We will keep you posted as their plans progress.

To refresh your memory on this property, the original blog post is below….



If you’ve ever driven down Coxwell Avenue you’ve likely taken a second look at one of the city’s more unique residential structures. The ‘box house’ was created by architect Rohan Walters and it’s currently up for sale.

The ‘box house’ is headed to the market next week with a list price of $349,000. Taxes run $1,272 a year and due to efficient radiant heat within the concrete floors monthly utilities are a bargain at around $100 a month.

The home isn’t very large at around 800 square feet however the lot is 23 feet wide and 205 feet long and the structure was built for expansion. The current residents haven’t made optimal use of the space as you’ll likely see from the listing photos and the place is in need of some updating.

Given the average cost of a 800 sq foot condominium these days this is a unique opportunity for a minimalist who is looking for something funky and unique. The location is a short walk to the beach at Ashbridges Bay and Queen Street shops, restaurants, and the Beaches movie theatre.

Probably the biggest bonus of owning a home like this is the free advertising you get on your listing when the home is sold. You’ll undoubtedly see many articles and blogs in the next week or two and the open houses will be packed.

For a private viewing or for more information please contact us right away.

Canadian Housing Stability

In a report released by Scotia Economics on Tuesday, Canada was noted as having the longest sustained property increase in the Western world. With this said there are strong indicators showing that this growth is slowing, which is actually a good thing. The slowing of this growth means that property values will be able to stabilize and current home owners will not see the equity in their home disappear overnight.

Price comparison

5 Year comparison of housing prices in Toronto based on statistics provide by TREB MLS data*. All Prices expressed in 1000


If the bubble does burst it should only be a short fall. Leading Canadian economists have stated that the outside risk is a 10% correction over the next 2 years if the worst economic conditions prevail. However, the more realistic scenario is a flat to low single percentage gain. Of the 10 Western countries studied Canada showed a real home price (this takes into account inflation) increase of 4.8% in the last year. In the next year a few factors may dampen this growth such as increased economic instability in Europe and the US and a slowing pace of hiring in the private sector. This might lead some to feel that they should wait before getting into the housing market even though it may not be the best option, read more about this in our blog Buy now or wait for the crash.

To put the bubble bursting in to perspective, Ireland which had to to be bailed out by the International Monetary Fund* has seen a real home price decrease of 14%. This represents the absolute worst case scenario which Canadians really shouldn’t worry about. The are a number of reasons why the Canadian economy is not going to follow in Ireland’s foot steps. The first being the indebtedness of the government, relative to many of our Western counterparts (especially Ireland at its crash) we carry a very light debt load**. Secondly, is our strong natural resource based economy that is coupled with a world class financial industry that is hugely attractive to foreign investment. These along with many other factors will help the Canadian economy and housing values sailing fairly smoothly through these unstable economic times.

By Julian Irwin – Managing Partner Spring Realty



**Canada’s budgetary Deficit stands at 36.2 Billion down from 40.5 billion – http://www.budget.gc.ca/2011/glance-apercu/brief-bref-eng.html

*Irelands Bailout fromt he IMF was 89.4 billion and that was just to keep the country a float and pay it’s creditors and doesn’t represent the full scale of their debt – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/11/28/ireland-bailout-european-union_n_788922.html